Design is the most important stage in your cabin project.The technical and functional choices made at this point will determine the quality of the end product. With 30 years’ experience under its belt, our design office will carefully listen to your needs, offer advice and bring you all its expertise. Based on your list of specifications, we will work together to find the best solutions in terms of performance, durability, ergonomics and safety to ensure that our cabins meet your expectations as fully as possible.





From single models to mass-produced parts, from a standard cabin to “all options”, semi-equipped or ready to use, our production unit can accommodate all your projects. Whatever the nature of your project, our top priorities are quality workmanship and honouring our commitments. We manage the entire manufacturing process internally : bending/folding, welding, painting, surface treatment, wiring, fitting/assembling windows and screens, electric accessories, steering devices, air conditioning… and finishing touches. Every cabin that leaves our production workshop has undergone a rigorous quality control process.

Man welding with reflection of sparks on visor. Hard job.





Because our job doesn’t end when your cabins are delivered, our teams offer personal support and assistance to help you get the most from your equipment. We can therefore provide assistance with assembly, technical documentation and a full catalogue of spare parts and accessories.
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